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Patch Notes v.361
Halloween Event Begins, beware of town invasions!
  • Enabled all of the fairy tale quests for the Halloween Event with a new quest for this year's new Love Story Costume.
  • Weather effects for Halloween zones changed.
  • [Ferrell Guild Merchant] Mildun is selling a special event box for a limited time!
  • Disabled quest status icon and event dialogue for [Captain] Peg Leg.

  • In preparation for the upcoming Game Arena system, the follow changes have been made:

  • Honor (PvP)
  • Honor can be obtained by participating in the Union War.
  • Can be redeemed for Honor equipment (formally Union equipment) at [Honor Items] Henry, [Honor Weapons] William and [Honor Armors] Theodor, located in the War district at the western edge of Junon Polis.
  • Up to 5,000 Honor may be held on a character.
  • Reaching or exceeding the Honor cap will prevent further Honor from being earned until enough has been spent to drop below the Honor cap threshold.

  • Valor (PvM)
  • Valor can be obtained by completing the Union Quests.
  • Can be redeemed for various crafting materials at [Valor Materials] Mason, located in the Junon Order district.
  • Up to 5,000 Valor may be held on a character.
  • Reaching the Valor cap will prevent further Valor from being earned until enough has been spent to drop below the Valor cap threshold.
  • [Ferrell Guild Merchant] Mildun has had the cart schematics and backseat items removed. Cart schematics will now be available through the Valor Item shop by the Junon Order district.
  • Backseats have been placed as part of the PAT crafting skill and schematics are also being made available through the Valor Item Shop.

  • Union Points
  • All existing Union Points have been unified into the new Honor currency.
  • During the Union Point unification, the Honor cap was not enforced, allowing players to exceed the Honor cap where appropriate.

  • Union / Union War
  • The Union War entry gate and exit point has been relocated to the War district at the western edge of Junon Polis.
  • All Union quests will now reward Valor.
  • The Union War will now reward Honor.
  • Access to Union Houses has been disabled.
  • All Union quests may now be accessed regardless of which Union you are in. Ferrell Guild members can participate in Junon Order quests and son. Valor points will be rewarded for every Union quest you complete.
  • The majority of monsters involved with the Union quests have had their chance of proof increased.

  • User Interface
  • A currency tab has been added to the Character Information window, displaying current Zulie, Honor and Valor amounts for the character.
  • Union Points have been removed from the Character Info window.
  • Reward Points have been removed from the Clan window.

  • Miscellaneous
  • Clan War NPCs [Clan War Manager] Regina and [Clan Merchant] Aliche Patt have been removed.
  • Access to the Fate Deathmatch game in Oblivion Temple has been disabled until further notice.

  • Client & UI update
  • Corrected issue which caused Screen Resolution and Frequency drop down menus to appear underneath window elements.

  • The Following NPCs have been removed from game:
  • [Teleporter] Idiosel
  • [Akram Ambassador] Adalric
  • All NPCs in Clan Halls have been removed, as the Clan Halls are no longer being utilized.

  • Sikuku Ruins
  • The monsters within Sikuku Ruins have been altered and added to, to create more variety within the zone. Several new monster types have been added while some current monsters have been changed in their strengths.

  • Durability system
  • The visual indication of durability has been altered in presentation.
  • The cost of repairs and degradation of an item's durability life, has been changed.
  • Cost of repairs now take in to consideration durability, base cost of the item, refine grade and any appraisal stats or gems attached to the item when damaged.
  • Durability life will degrade faster or slower, based on the durability of an item.
  • Durability will only have a chance of loss when a successful hit is inflicted, incoming or outgoing, instead of per attack, regardless of success. The resulting effect is that repairs will become more frequent over time spent in combat.
  • In-Game repair hammers have been removed from game play and NPC shops, and will be compensated for 300z each for any carried.
  • A post will be made by the Developers regarding the Durability system change, for players to post their thoughts, feedback and experiences within to provide a means of focus as well as a way to provide answers to the change.

    Bug Fixes
  • Minor dialogue fixes and updates to coincide with the Union Point unification process.
  • Several "Elite" monsters have been updated so also display their class type.
  • The shine on the Dark Magician Cap has been removed.
  • Removed Union Requirement from all costumes outfits.

  • Item Mall Update

    Patch Notes V.361
  • Corrected issue with the Event Tab and Jeweled Box not being displayed inside [Ferrell Guild Staff] Mildun's shop.
  • Corrected naming issue with the set bonuses for the 13 new Item Mall weapons.
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